Niali is 45 km from Bhubaneswar & Madhava is 8 kms from niali by bus.


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  Famous Madhava temple(13th century) is located on the eastern bank of the Prachi River, about 6 kms.   from Niali (Cuttack District). The area between Niali and Madhava appears to have been the principal   centre of the Madhava (four-armed Vishnu) cult in Odisha, made famous in Sri Jayadeva's Gita Govinda. The   temple is also sometimes referred to as "Durgamadhava" because of the presence of a small Durga image   next to Madhava within the sanctum. This joint worship of Durga and Madhava is unique to Odishan   Vaishnavism,and is yet another testament of the great Odishan process of synthesis. Madhava is a temple in active worship, and, in fact, draws a large number of pilgrims from all over Odisha.