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Odissi Classical Music

The systematized and developed form of music which has been sung in the world famous temple of the Lord Jagannath at the sacred Puri-Dhama in its different festive occasions as a part of the temple services, and cultured in the 'Jaga-Akhadas' of Puri as well as other rural areas in the district, is known as Traditional Odissi Music. This tradition is also having a long and glorious history of its own for more then 2000 years. It is performed deftly in the shape of Raga-Ksudrageeta-Prabandha-Gana a form of Indian classical music by the illustrious and celebrated poet Sri Jayadeva in Odisha. 

Like Hindustani and Carnatic systems, Odissi music is a separate system of Indian classical music and is having all the essential as well as potential ingredients of Indian Classical form. Thanks to the musicians particularly of Jaga Akhadas of Puri district, who could develop and maintain the music. The music movement of Odisha, however, took a different turn after independence.

Like other aspects of her culture, music of the sacred land (Odisha) is charming, colorful, variegated encompassing various types. The existing musical tradition of Odisha, can broadly be grouped under four categories such as : (1) Tribal Music, (2) Folk Music, (3) Light-Classical Music, (4) Classical Music.

The tribal music as the title signifies is confined to the tribal folk living mainly in the hilly and jungle regions of Odisha. It is interesting to note that Odisha has the third largest concentration of tribes constituting about one fourth of the total population.

Odisha is also the treasure house of Folk Songs which are sung on different festivals and specific occasions in their own enjoyment. Folk music in general is the expression of the ethos and mores of the folk communities. Of the bewildering variety of folk music of Odisha, mention may be made of Geeta, Balipuja Geeta, Kela Keluni Geeta, Dalkhai Geeta, Kendra Geeta, Jaiphula Geeta, Ghumura Geeta, Ghoda Nacha and Danda Nacha Geeta, Gopal Ugala and Osa-Parva-Geeta etc.

Bhajan, Janan, Odia songs based on ragas,Chaupadi etc. are grouped under Light classical music, which forms an important segment of Odishan music. Sri Geetagovinda, Anirjukta Pravadha, Divya Manusi Prabandha, Chautisa, Chhanda, Chaupadi (now known as Odissi), Champu, Malasri, Sariman, Vyanjani, Chaturang, Tribhang,individually or collectively constitute the traditional Odissi music.